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​Kennel Tech                           Technician


Protecting yourself and your pet from harmful diseases is crucial. Make sure you get routine annual vaccines and test.

Debby Reilly
Office Manager

Jessica Locker

Dr. Kelly Randolph
 Pet Surgeon / Vet

Union Park Animal Hospital helped remove my mouse's tumor and just 5 days after the surgery, he's acting normal again! Thanks, Union Park Animal Hospital

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           Kennel Tech

Nicole Green

​Kennel Technician

Carlos Cortes
Kennel Supervisor

Mr. John Anderson
Mouse Owner


          ESTABLISHED IN 1999.

DR. RANDOLPH  has been practicing

small animal, avian and exotic medicine

at this location since 1999. 

the best care of your pets

Genesys Landaviede


Caring for all animals isn't easy, but it's worth it!


Our team  at Union Park Animal Hospital are passionate about animals and love their jobs because they can give the best care possible to all the animals.  


Union Park Animal Hospital's mission is to deliver the best diagnosis, care, and treatment possible, while remaining compassionate towards the animals and their owners. Caring for animals is such a rewarding job, and we take it seriously.


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Union Park Animal Hospital

Nilsa Dorbat
Front Desk Supervisor

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Our facility is equipped to house nearly any species. Baths are mandatory for dogs on the day that they go home.

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Kennel Technician